ATADI offers voluntary projects for young Europeans

The project ‘Discover opportunities and support’ is a mobility programme for young people of the European Voluntary Service financed by the European Commission. ATADI offers this programme, which allows anyone aged 18 through 30 and living in Europe to spend six months in the province of Teruel, volunteering to support people with intellectual disabilities.

The function of the volunteers at ATADI is to collaborate in the different activities, programmes and services developed by the entity. For example, «their job is to support people with intellectual disabilities in the day care centre, to accompany them in leisure activities, such as sport and cultural activities or in their holidays, to participate in dissemination and awareness-raising activities of volunteering, etc.», explains Eva Rubio, ATADI’s technician in charge of the project.

ATADI has 10 centres spread throughout the province, although the volunteer work will be carried out in Teruel, Alcorisa, Utrillas, Andorra, Cantavieja and Mora de Rubielos.



Linguistic and logistical support


As part of the programme, ATADI will provide and pay for the accommodation, food and local transport necessary to carry out the different volunteering activities.

In addition, volunteers will receive Spanish language training through the European Voluntary Service online tool provided by the European Commission. If further linguistic support is needed, volunteers can enrol in the Adult Education School in Teruel. On the other hand, «young participants are encouraged to carry out language exchanges with young people from Teruel», says Rubio.

In addition, the young volunteers receive guidance and support to develop their own initiatives in Atadi and will have regular meetings with the mentor and the project manager to monitor the volunteering.



How to take part


As for the profile of the volunteers, Rubio explains, «we are looking for people motivated by working with adults with intellectual disabilities, with social awareness and promoting equality, open-minded, willing to learn and with the ability to adapt and work as part of a team». It is necessary to take into account that a basic knowledge of Spanish is required to facilitate inclusion with the group of people with intellectual disabilities.

Young Europeans will find all the information on how to participate at and should register at They can also contact ATADI at, where they will be able to solve any queries and facilitate their access to the programme.



An unforgettable experience


By participating in this project, the European volunteers will discover the interests, concerns, needs and hobbies of many adults with intellectual disabilities and will have the opportunity to learn how to support them in different aspects of their daily life. «This experience will provide a great personal and professional enrichment that will undoubtedly be very useful in the future,» says the ATADI technician.

These Volunteering Projects are a great opportunity for young people to live an unforgettable experience in another country, where they can learn another language and another culture and live with other young Europeans, at the same time that they carry out a solidarity activity that benefits the community and acquire skills for their personal, educational and professional development.